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Windows 98 Virtual Memory Settings

This white paper applies to ALL versions of Win9x. Unless you need debug, it shouldn't be hogging resources. My desire is to keep Windows from dynamically resizing the swap file...Ron points out that if you set the MIN size high enough, you won't get the performance hit UNTIL Windows Send them to me! http://whatcamcorder.net/windows-98/windows-98-virtual-memory.php

What is virtual memory? For example, to optimize swap file performance on a computer with multiple hard disk drives, you might want to override the default location of the Windows95 swap file. This will increase the amount of free memory available to your system, so that when you open another program it is not paged to disk immediately due to lack of free In that event you'd simply boot into safe mode and change it again.

Only one I know that puts it in Root is [email protected] Guy -You defined a 25GB Partition, therefore Windows was able to "deal" with it. Software for Speed Improvement Running certain programs to clean up your hard drive will often improve the performance of Windows. I then installed win-98se on it, applied all relavent motherboard, video and network drivers, updated IE to 6.0 and then went to windowsupdates and downloaded all the updates and patches. You did close all running programs, didn't you?

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  • Download the trial version from: Opera Software's Homepage Trust me.
  • This white paper applies to ALL versions of Win9x.
  • Last week I had my pc formatted and Win98se reinstalled and RAM increased to 512MB.
  • When the Disk Defragmenter tool completes the defragmentation, performance of programs is faster because the files are arranged closer together.
  • If you only have one hard drive put the swap file on the C drive.

The combined use of PathCache and NameCache means that VFAT never searches the disk for the location of cached file names. Go to 'View' and 'Folder Options' in the menu. If it is, uncheck it. I changed both to 128 and still virtual memory was still disabled.Prior to each change, I looked for win386.swp in the root directory, but it was never there (even when I

Conventional wisdom says you should have two to three times virtual memory as physical memory. If you go back to the first link I provided, there is also an "unofficial fix for GT 132GB HDD", so tryng it on a 500GB HDD wouldn't work unless it As that resume gets larger and you run out of memory Windows takes either (or both) a running program that's idle (not currently doing anything), or part of the OS (Operating The constantly changing size of a dynamic swap file, on the other hand, can contribute to overall disk fragmentation.

If you have more than one hard drive partition, you can reduce the likelihood of running low on hard drive space for virtual memory by moving the swap file to the The best solution is to buy more memory than you'll ever use (ya, right). Next click the 'Like Current Folder' button, which will set all of the folders to the settings of the current folder. If you put the swap file on a dedicated partition, use the largest possible cluster size [32KB].

This brings up a list of options. http://www.helpwithwindows.com/windows98/tune-34.html speeding up optomizing boosting the performance of general making Windows faster? This defeats at least half the benefit of doing this. Gee, Windows would never do that.

If you have multiple drives, the swap file should be placed on the drive with the fastest performance, unless that disk is overused. http://whatcamcorder.net/windows-98/windows-98-memory.php Plus it takes more CPU (processor) to read and write to the hard drive than to read and write to ram. It can also occupy a fragmented region of the hard disk with no substantial performance penalty. To adjust the virtual memory swap file In Control Panel, double-click System, click the Performance tab, and then click Virtual Memory.

First, re-boot the 'puter. Truth is that MS does that just to limit the number of clusters to about 4 million.2) I took a 500 gb drive and formatted it with 4kb cluster size. That gives more contiguous room for the swapfile. this content After you launch your programs, check System Monitor’s Swapfile size value to see how large it’s become.

From the Windows 95 Resource kit: "Windows95 uses a special file on your hard disk called a virtual memory swap file (or paging file). The swap file can still fragment, and if the swap file needs to grow above the minimum size Windows will have to take CPU time to increase it. Run this application resident for a few days and keep tabs on your personal use of the system and the maximum swap file size usage.

It's great!

I did this and it increased my available system resources by 8% (a significant improvement!) This great tip comes from Joanne . And in this context, virtual memory comes into play. Relocating The Swap File Although Windows enlarges the swap file as it needs more virtual memory, the swap file can’t span more than one drive, so if your hard drive runs If your drive is more than 7-10% fragmented, you will want to run defrag, which will set all of the files back in order again.

Once you've rebooted and checked to make sure all of your software is working properly, you can safely remove the backup DLLs. I always make the swap file at least 150 megs and no more than 300 megs in size. Optimizing Conventional Memory: (Should there be anything you're interested - here's a tidbit)(1) The methods for conventional memory management under Windows 98 are the same as for MS-DOS 6.x:(a) In Config.sys, have a peek at these guys For programs like these, use the Custom option in each program's Setup applet to control what runs in the background.

Have any other clever tips and tricks for speeding up Windows 95 or 98? We personally don't care if we have to wait the additional milliseconds when opening a document in Word, at least we know what we're waiting for! System Monitor isn’t installed by default, so you will probably have to install it. In this case, the file cannot shrink below the permanent size set for it in Windows3.1, although the file can grow bigger if required.

When I bring up the virtual memory dialog box, the radio-button "let windows manage my virtual memory settings" is selected, and the following information is shown in grey:Hard Disk: c:\ -14440 Before switching to a fixed-size swap file, use Windows 98’s built-in System Monitor utility to see how much virtual memory you’ll need. Sign In Now Sign in to follow this Followers 0 Go To Topic Listing Windows 9x/ME Recently Browsing 0 members No registered users viewing this page. ID and definitions:(1) Desktop computer - A normal computer acting primarily as a network client, or an individual computer with no networking.

Thanks to Bruce and Jackie for recommending it. When relocating your swap file, there is one important caveat: You should never put it on a removable or external hard drive. You're reading along this flyer and then get to the bottom and realize that you'll have to walk to the other side of the board, find the bottom piece of the Why care where the swap file resides on a single disk.

Click the Performance tab and the Virtual Memory button. As you work, it collects a prodigious number of temporary files, and it does so for a good reason: The \Windows\Temp, \Windows\Temporary Internet Files, and Recycle Bin files all exist to Second, I have an additional space of this size that is available on my C: drive that becomes necessary when running some Audio / Video programs where one cannot specify the Take a look at the size of your WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory.

And sometimes -- let's be honest -- it's, well, just because. ENTER HERE © CBS Interactive Inc.  /  All Rights Reserved. To launch System Configuration Utility, press the Start button and choose Run. There is a penalty here though, your hard drive is much slower than ram (memory)!

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