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Windows 98 Shutdown Problems


On the Device Manager tab, click System Devices. Windows is shutting down -OR- It's now safe to turn off your computer A fix is available from microsoft at the above link. "Hard Drive" might be causing problem This utility determines if the MTH chip exists in the computer. On the Resources tab, verify that there are no conflicts listed under Conflicting Device List. check over here

Once this file is displayed, right-click on the file and choose Install. You should understand that system hang-ups at shut down are simply an annoyance, not anything serious. To prevent data loss save your work frequently while working. IRQ Steering and Device Enumeration Select Start > Settings > Control Panel Double-click the System icon, and select the Device Manager tab Select View Devices by type and double-click System Devices see it here

Windows 98 Second Edition Shutdown Supplement

Put a check mark back into the check boxes one at a time and reboot. Lines that have a small Windows98 symbol beside them are necessary for the system to boot correctly. For information about how to use Automatic Skip Driver Agent tool, click the article number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base: Q186588 Description of the Automatic Skip

  • It was found that for some people the original Shutdown Supplement was not working.
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  • Hard Drive Stays on after shut down Hard Disk Is Active After Windows 98 Shutdown - see Microsoft KB article Q189576 (110).
  • Has anything in the computer changed since it worked correctly the last time you shut the computer down?A.

Click the Screensaver tab to the front and choose None from the drop down list. It may also be necessary to contact your hardware manufacturer for possible updates. In the Run window there will be one white box labeled Open. This is easily done with the Microsoft System Configuration Utility (MSCONFIG).

For some others unchecking the Get IRQ TABLE from Realmode PCIBIOS 2.1 Call, while leaving all other options as they where did the trick. Windows 98 Shutdown Command An program or terminate-and-stay-resident (TSR) program may not close correctly. Type the following at the command prompt: cd \\System Where is the folder in which Windows is installed. http://www.nmt.edu/~armiller/win98shutdown.htm Even better use a commercial Utilities program to scrub the hard disk and see if there are any bad spots. .

Many shutdown problems are caused by the inability of Windows to shut down a program that is running in the background. This includes disabling any TSRs loading in real-mode, disabling programs that start from your Startup group, and disabling any non-essential 3rd-party device drivers. Go to this link for more help with MSCONFIG: http://support.dell.com/us/en/kb/document.asp?DN=HO1014939 You can also access this information from the Dell Knowledge Base at http://support.dell.com/us/en/kb/ Go to the bottom of the page and Enable devices in the following order: COM ports Hard disk controllers Floppy disk controllers Other devices To enable a device and check for possible conflicts, follow these steps: Double-click the branch

Windows 98 Shutdown Command

This is an untested scenario that could result in blue-screen error messages, CPI errors, and hardware failures. browse this site If you’d like to submit a topic for our weekly pop quiz, please drop us a note. Windows 98 Second Edition Shutdown Supplement If your computer locks you might be able to use [Ctrl] [Alt] [Delete] to close programs and unfreeze Windows (If you don't know how to use this feature see section 2w Windows 98 Fast Shutdown New software and hardware can cause conflicts with your existing configuration. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ When your computer shipped from Dell it was tested for hardware and software problems, and it did not have

You may hear the hard drive running for quite some time if you have not been doing this regularly. check my blog Tips for improving the performance of Windows Millennium (ME) and Windows 98. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Your System speed will improve if you don't view it as a Web page. Click Configure Norton AntiVirus. If nothing has changed, try the steps in the "Check the Programs that Are Running" section of this article.

I updated mine (Compaq FX500 Monitor Driver), and my machine shuts down like Microsoft tells you Windows 98 is supposed to work.”Check the virus scan settingsDennisMontgomery, technology consultant, wrote: “If you The VCache section of the SYSTEM.INI file is empty in a new Dell, but the section header is there. The fast shutdown option modified by Msconfig.exe contains a code path in which the computer could reboot instead of properly shutting down or quitting to MS-DOS Fix - ...see Microsoft KB this content To begin with, you will lose any work you have not yet saved to the hard drive.

Congratulations to our winner, DanielUson.The situation:Here’s the situation Marie described: “How do you solve the Windows 98 shutdown problem? If the BIOS is not fully compliant, this option may lead to machines not shutting down properly… even if 2 or more devices are not sharing an IRQ. To work around, or fix this behavior: Disable the Norton AntiVirus Auto-Protect feature (workaround) Obtain the latest LiveUpdate for Norton AntiVirus (Symevnt.exe) from Symantec's Web site.

When you finish running the program you will be prompted to reboot the system.

Usually shutdown stops responding (hangs). Programs running in the background can cause many Windows problems including slowness. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Windows 98 and Millennium (ME) automatically load programs when you boot your computer. A damaged Exit Windows sound file. Flush of disk cache.

Microsoft recommends following the troubleshooting steps outlined in this article. You should not have to read all of this document. IRQ Steering Use IRQ Steering - Specifies that Windows programs use IRQ steering. have a peek at these guys It is possible to configure Windows 98 Second Edition to ignore the presence of a PnP BIOS and communicate directly with the hardware.

Click Scan Floppies on Shutdown (remove the check).