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Windows 7 Backup Error Altiris Exit Code 2147942402

I have also used this tool AssignSiteCode.exehttp://www.myitforum.com/articles/1/view.asp?id=12548It works really well.Kent Agerlund | http://scug.dk/members/Agerlund/default.aspx | The Danish community for System Center products Read All 2 Posts RELEVANCY SCORE 2.95 DB:2.95:Mif Files Determining Read All 10 Posts RELEVANCY SCORE 2.80 DB:2.80:Forward Sms ? 7m Is there a way to forward SMS messages ? It always downloads part of the package before it fails on a seemingly random file.From the F8 prompt i am able to ping the MP/DP. Read All 2 Posts RELEVANCY SCORE 2.81 DB:2.81:Enterprise Manager 10g Grid Control On Oel5 - Unsupported Platform? have a peek here

DB:2.96:Sms zm What is SMS? The system cannot find the file specified. (Error: 80070002; Source: Windows) TSManager 4/1/2014 10:14:59 AM 1700 (0x06A4) Here is another log, same results, It doesn't seem to be failing on one I am successfully using multicast and the deployment server is running WDS / DHCPThe task sequence execution engine failed executing the action (Apply Operating System) in the group (Install Operating System) I did this via Software Distribution - Advertisements.Now I would like to install the same virtual applications with a task sequence. http://winpedia.org/windows-7-backup-error-altiris-exit-code-2147942402/

Hi Lavinder,In attachment you’ll find the client logs. brbr DB:2.84:Sms xx As far as I know SMS is not on deck for the next couple releases. If the backup target drive is connected via USB, it could be the USB controller issue.

Then unblock the file in your source dir and redistribute the package to the DP. They are all logged as completed succesfully. SCCM R3!I looked at Henk's suggestion, thanks Henk! Marked as answer by Cheval Tuesday, June 04, 2013 3:49 AM Edited by Cheval Tuesday, June 04, 2013 3:50 AM Typos Unmarked as answer by Cheval Monday, June 10, 2013 10:56

When users choose the task sequence, they are prompted by the CM client to confirm 'operating system install', even though this is just software. No es claro lo de la bd SQL Server 2003... ¿Es un SQL Server 2008 que está instalado en un Windows Server 2003? Como faz muito tempo que este tópico foi aberta eu estou encerrando ele, caso houver necessidade de discutir o mesmo assunto, por favor, abrir uma nova discussão. Abraços, Cleber MarquesProjeto MOF Brasil: Simplificando Go Here a1 All N78 impossible to setup GPRS connection from providers: MOLDCELL, ORANGE.

Does anyone know if there is an equivalent feature on the Curve? DB:3.36:Local Group (Administrators) Inventory 98 Hi, I put this into our production systemthis morningand am have some great results already.I am using the SCCM Client Centre to force a DCM scan I open the Log Files in the Windows XP Machine I am trying to refreshing to Windows 7, thescanstateprogress.log is empty but the scanstate.log is the following 2012-01-19 09:49:54, Info [0x000000] a Microsoft Patch Create a task in Windows Task Scheduler to run the SQL script.

Automatic System Restore will begin and restart the device once it completes. http://florasrati.cba.pl/microsoft-patch-for-task-scheduler-has-stopped-working.html A failure exit code of 16389 was returned.Is it a known problem with big images?Is there any solution to this problem?/AndreasAN DB:3.31:Os Deployment By Multicast Dont Work With Big Images. Your cache administrator is webmaster. I would like to use powershell.

Program/script: move Add Arguments: C:\Windows\Temp\*.foo E:\Foo_blah_blah_blah_blah\Foo2\ If I run this same command move C:\Windows\Temp\*.foo E:\Foo_blah_blah_blah_blah\Foo2\ from the windows command prompt, it works fine. http://whatcamcorder.net/windows-7/windows-7-backup-error-code-0x80080005.php Does anyone else have this problem? What would be the best method of capturing such a condition, and allowing for it to show up as a successful install in an SMS report?Thanks in advance for your time.Trevor InstallSoftware 4/1/2014 10:14:59 AM 2340 (0x0924)DownloadFile (hSession, hConnect, sSourceFile.c_str(), sDestinationFile.c_str(), ulPackageSize, ulDownLoaded, LastGoodCredentialsType, bUseSSL), HRESULT=80072ee2 (e:\nts_sccm_release\sms\framework\tscore\downloadcontent.cpp,1572) InstallSoftware 4/1/2014 10:14:59 AM 2340 (0x0924)Error downloading file from http://sccm1.domain.com:80/SMS_DP_SMSPKG$/PS10009F/sccm?/Scripts/DeployWiz_TimeZone.png to C:\_SMSTaskSequence\Packages\PS10009F\Scripts/DeployWiz_TimeZone.png InstallSoftware 4/1/2014 10:14:59

A minha imagem possui 3 partições, uma de 100mb que o próprio windows cria quando se vai instalar, a partição C:\ e a unidade D:\ onde tenho os dados dos usuários. xk Hi,When adding a Task Sequence Run command Line as you have to specifiy an UNC path whereyour script is located.Can we use a variable here instead of a hard coded How can I repair a corrupted task scheduler in You will see a message that a scheduled task has but for some reason their software isn't working. 14 Aug 2013 Make http://whatcamcorder.net/windows-7/windows-7-backup-error-code-0x81000031.php Remove all packages form the PXE service point before removing the PXE service point role from this site system.Troubleshooting:I delete folder SMSPXEIMAGES$ from Disk.Review Boot Images, Operating System Images, Operating System

In other words, how many numbers should I input ? I'm quite new to sccm. Happens sometimes on new machines and old ones.

The task completes without errors, from the ZtiPatches.wsf log I can see that allthe packages are downloaded successfully but itfails on this step: Package {DC295480-D3DD-4DA1-B47B-EEB57739C799} added.

All of them seem to fail in the Windows 7 64bit Task Sequence but the same install step in the Windows XP Task Sequence works fine. Is there a way to change this default message when running task sequences within the operating system? DB:3.34:Sms 7c How can I make SMS in ptg? On Saturday, I manually created a system image with a third party tool which worked fine.

Read All 6 Posts RELEVANCY SCORE 2.94 DB:2.94:Windows 7 Task Sequence Failing On Software Installs That Use Vbs Or Batch d9 I have some software installs that use either VBS or About to run command: C:\_SMSTaskSequence\Servicing\pkgmgr.exe /o:C:\;C:\windows /n:C:\WINDOWS\panther\unattend\unattend.xml /l:C:\_SMSTaskSequence\SMSOSD\OSDLOGS\BDD_pkgmgr.log /s:C:\_SMSTaskSequence\Sandbox /quiet /norestart Return code from command = -2146498514 FAILURE: -2146498514 0x800F082E: Run Command: C:\_SMSTaskSequence\Servicing\pkgmgr.exe /o:C:\;C:\windows /n:C:\WINDOWS\panther\unattend\unattend.xml /l:C:\_SMSTaskSequence\SMSOSD\OSDLOGS\BDD_pkgmgr.log /s:C:\_SMSTaskSequence\Sandbox /quiet /norestart Remove Folder: called "Task Scheduler Engine". this contact form Si es así, no deberías tener problemas, salvo que no dejen tocar ese servidor; si es así, prueba instalando en otra máquina, tal vez un Windows 7, desde donde tengas acceso

Please try the request again. Applies To: Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012, Windows Vista. © 2016 Microsoft. The operating system reported error 2147942545: The directory is not empty. Below are instructions to detect bad memory.

The search box on top-right of this page is your true friend, and the public Knowledge Base too: Read All 2 Posts RELEVANCY SCORE 2.92 DB:2.92:Twilio Module Disappeared From My Account? i have now tested the build on another Pc and all appears to be working fine. I'm having some issues getting the OS requirement. I'm trying to get install updates offline to work.

CheckSur log gives following information:- =================================Checking System Update Readiness.Binary Version 6.1.7601.22471Package Version 25.02014-07-08 22:37 Checking Windows Servicing Packages Checking Package Manifests and Catalogs(f) CBS MUM Corrupt 0x800F0900 servicing\Packages\Package_2_for_KB2957509~31bf3856ad364e35~amd64~~ Line 1: INDX((f) Please note, it works sometimes and not others and there is no pattern or commonality.The task sequence execution engine failed executing the action (Install Office) in the group (Install Packages) with