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LAYOUT.INF Commenting out individual files will keep them from being installed. Quickbooks, most Norton software, Adobe Acrobat 8, and PCAnywhere are some examples. Put this file in D:\HFSLIP\SOURCESS\i386. There are A LOT of system files with REGINST sections like these, and the REGINST sections of some of these DLLs will undo what you do to the INF files, no have a peek here

HFSLIP created by TommyP and maintained by TommyP and Tomcat76. Because of the complexity of setting up the installation share for the combination installation, this process is recommended only when the hotfixes are needed during text mode setup or if the Follow the process by using the technique below and use the files.vga example to install the extra files. You need to decide now whether you will be using IE 5.01, IE 6.0, or not using IE at all.

Windows 2000 Unofficial Service Pack

By doing this, you make it part of the [HardwareIdsDatabase] section. Important: Combination installation is not supported on Windows NT 4.0. The following tips are courtesy of Mike: We could use more files from ReactOS.

Open a command prompt Type D:\ie6setup.exe /c:"ie6wzd.exe /d /s:""#E""" There are an unknown number of quotation marks in that command. Avast community forum Home Help Search Login Register Avast WEBforum » Avast support forums » Avast Free/Pro/IS/Premier (Moderators: MartinZ, hectic-mmv, petr.chytil) » windows 2000 hotfix kb816542 « previous next » The hotfix installer blocks installation if a service pack installed on the system already contains the fix contained in the hotfix. Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 Deploying the Combination Installation You can deploy the installation of the Windows 2000 operating system and the Windows 2000 hotfixes to your users' computers from the network distribution share.

Because Windows 2000 Setup requires the 8.3 naming convention for all files and folders in the distribution folder, you must change the hotfix file names (from Q######_XXX_YYY_ZZZ_LL to Q######). Windows 2000 Update Rollup 2 By the way, would you be surprised to discover that having Windows Scripting installed opens Port 135? ...and keeps it open? Step 10 Integrate SATA support (if you need it) Alter (Alexander A. other UNC paths don't work (in 2000 anyway).

Delete any binaries to be replaced in the \i386 folder (the file name will likely have an _ at the end in the share). Windows 2000 Service Pack 6 Other modified binaries go into D:\HFSLIP\REPLACE The contents of the REPLACE folder will be added to the final folder of source files at the end of the slipstreaming process. This is because they are called from SYSSETUP.INF. It helps a lot, but this one file is NOT the key to everything.

Windows 2000 Update Rollup 2

Some programs think they need IE. http://www.softpedia.com/get/System/OS-Enhancements/Microsoft-Windows-2000-Unofficial-SP5.shtml This folder must not have any punctuation in its name, so don't decide to get creative. (You could call it WIN2000, but don't call it _HFSLIP or HFSLIP!2K or something). Windows 2000 Unofficial Service Pack Type D:\SP4\i386\UPDATE\UPDATE.EXE -s:D:\ 8. Windows 2000 Sp6 A sample of the [SetupHotfixesToRun] section for an installation where multiple hotfixes are installed is provided below. [SetupHotfixesToRun] Q123456.exe /switches (the recommended switches for hotfixes are /q /n /z) Q123478.exe /switches

You can put MODES=0 (instead of 0,1,2,3) in their INFs to avoid an installation, or just comment the lines out. http://whatcamcorder.net/windows-2000/window-2000-help.php Step 8 Making a boot sector, and making sure we're good so far. If you have a single-file driver that you want to integrate and have installed at boot time This is a popular one for getting Windows to see SATA drives / controllers Although I do comment out a few INF files, I simply chose to leave most of them in the SYSSETUP.INF file, allowing me to add custom content to Windows by adding Windows 2000 Uurollup

To see quickly get a general overview of how to do this, open my TXTSETUP.SIF file and search for the word "UNIATA". The CABs that make up Internet Explorer that the batch file uses are these: BRANDING.CAB IEW2K_1.CAB IEW2K_2.CAB IEW2K_3.CAB IEW2K_4.CAB MAILNEWS.CAB OEEXCEP.CAB SCRIPTEN.CAB WAB.CAB My IE files are stamped 10/22/2004. This gives you a quick overview of how this process works. Check This Out Audacity6.

This is not optional! Windows 2000 Updates After Sp4 K-Lite Mega Codec Pack10. Step 6 Prepare DirectX 9 This method of slipstreaming DirectX9c will actually slipstream DirectX into the OS.

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You will have to download different files depending on which version you are using. For example, to create an \$1 subfolder within the \$OEM$ subfolder, type: mkdir E:\i386\$OEM$\$1 The \$1 subfolder maps to %systemdrive%, the destination drive for the Windows 2000 installation. Inside of SOURCESS, you will find an ERROR_REPORT.TXT file. Windows 2000 Unofficial Update Rollup After the computer is restarted (only required for some system files which are in use during the installation), the installation is complete and the operating system runs with an updated file

italic Parameter variables, titles, and definitions. HFSLIP will slipstream WM9 codecs, but not the player, into Windows. Get a browser right now before you forget (Firefox, Opera). http://whatcamcorder.net/windows-2000/windows-2000-nt-help.php ImgBurn4.

MS deleted a KB article!!) So, if you wanted to install your $OEM$ files also when installing from floppy, you'd have to have duplicate file sets in: D: \ HFSLIP \ To those who removed IE The initial windows shell launch may take about 30 seconds or more to appear the first time you boot. Use the EXACT same text. Personally, I don't like some piece of shareware replacing, say, OLEAUT32.DLL and other such files, so I leave WFP turned on.

You do not have to delete the extra CAB files that you don't need. For example, to copy the Windows 2000 hotfix executable file to the distribution folder named Hotfix, type: xcopy C:\Q ######_XXX_YYY_ZZZ_LL .exe E:\Hotfix To install the hotfix from the network distribution share, If you remove sound drivers, Windows Media codecs won't work. If you plan on using nLite, please do so on the SOURCESS folder after running HFSLIP.

I include this in my fileset renamed as "SFCFILES.DL_.OFF" because if you rename it and delete the "off," SFC will be off! Some software like nLite makes edits only to TXTSETUP, because folks won't listen to the whole "delete the _X" thing I pointed out earlier, which means that Windows spends extra time